PeipsiRanna Puhkemaja

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PeipsiRanna Puhkemaja

At lake Peipsi …

... right on the shore, on a private piece of land, there is a lovely sauna house with a wonderful view of Peipsi. In addition to the sauna house, there is a large stage with a roof and some rooms for overnight guests. Peipsi Ranna is a place where smaller and slightly larger groups are welcome. In the summer period, we can accommodate larger groups (birthdays, weddings, reunions, concerts), from autumn to spring we are open for smaller groups (up to 10 people). You can find out about our services in different seasons here...

Peipsi Ranna is surrounded by 3 hectares of land with a long sandy beach. We are located in Ranna village, Peipsiääre municipality, Tartu County. The holiday complex is located 190 km from Tallinn and 55 km from Tartu. Nearest attractions are Kallaste 8 km, Mustvee 15 km, Alatskivi Castle 15 km. 


The former Ranna holiday complex in Jõgeva County became popular already in the early 1970s when an old barn was brought to the shores of Lake Peipsi in Ranna village, from which a sauna and fireplace hall were built. Later, a roofed party area with an open terrace in the middle was also built. At that time, large summer gatherings were organized on the beach (KEK, EÕM, EÜE, etc.). Many people remembered this place with its beautiful beach and sauna, which is located right on the shore, where the sunrise is mirrored on lake Peipsi.

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“Suurepärane majutusasutus! Mugavad toad, sõbralik teenindus ja suurepärane asukoht. Kindlasti tuleme tagasi!”

Ranna Puhkebaas. PeipsiRanna Kevad_Ranna_1



“Absoluutselt imeline majutus! Täiuslik teenindus, kaunis interjöör ja suurepärane hommikusöök. Täielik nauding!”

Ranna Puhkebaas. PeipsiRanna Kevad_Ranna_1



“Absoluutselt imeline looduskaunis majutus! Täiuslik teenindus, kaunis interjöör ja suurepärane hommikusöök. Loodus ümberringi oli võrratu!”

House rules


when staying in the "PeipsiRanna" area, we ask you to be respectful towards the nature and keep the whole surroundings clean!

Nature-friendly cleaning agents are used in the PeipsiRanna sauna house. environmentally friendly washing products should be used (shampoo and shower gel/soap) whilst using the sauna.

  • Use the property provided for your responsibly;
  • Throw the cigarette butts in the designated places only;
  • When using PeipsiRanna property, please return it to the same place where the item was taken;
  • At 1:00 a.m. (at night), please turn down the music (turn down the bass as much as possible).
  • before leaving, please return the keys to the owner;
  • please sort the garbage

  • Bins are located in the marked area of PeipsiRanna and in the corner of the kitchen of the sauna house, where the sorting has been made easy for you.
  • All packaging (glass, plastic, tetra) should be rinsed slightly and cleaned of major food waste before throwing it in the bins.

NB! Let's save the nature and create less garbage!

  • If PeipsiRanna property is broken or damaged, please notify the owner immediately. Owner's phone number is +372 5224660. Broken or damaged property must be compensated.
  • In the event of a fire, call the emergency number 112. If the situation is not life-threatening and the fire is small, you must extinguish it yourself. (fire extinguishers are located in the fireplace room and in the front room of the sauna). The owner must be notified of a fire immediately.
  • In case of bodily injuries, drowning and other life-threatening situations, call the emergency number 112. The owner must be notified of the accident.

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